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“Bush–hating has become fun again . . . audiences go crazy!
The New York Times

“A sensation!! Rosenblum attacks the government with lyrics that draw blood and melodies that stick in the brain!

“A ton of ingenuity, . . . raucous, borderline orgasmic reactions. Kate Baldwin, Michael McCoy and Neal Mayer are so talented and delightful! Go see Bush is Bad. You’ll have a fantastic time. I guarantee it!

“Savvy, uproarious, . . . delicious! Catchy tunes, wickedly funny lyrics and acerbic impersonations . . . the whole audience can’t help but roar with laughter and communal applause!

“A brilliantly scathing evening of rampant Bush–bashing! Composer–lyricist Joshua Rosenblum has written an impressive collection of satirical songs that take us through the trials and tribulations of the Bush presidency.

“Hilarious, unique and clever, stingingly satiric! Performers Kate Baldwin, Neal Mayer and Michael McCoy complement Rosenblum’s genius with their high–energy, sharply sophisticated song renditions and political impersonations.

“Like him or loathe him, with Joshua Rosenblum, you know where you stand. The talented songwriter has put poisoned pen to paper in ‘Bush is Bad’ and made hilariously clear that the Grand Old Party is, at least right now, Getting Overly Pathetic. From venomous vindication to brilliant barbs, his songs and sketches do more than lampoon the current administration it puts all politicians on notice that they better shape up.
AOL CityGuide

“Josh Rosenblum’s musical revue starring Neal Mayer, Michael McCoy and Kate Baldwin is as delightful as something so wickedly and shamelessly partisan can be!
The L Magazine

“Wildly funny, merrily performed . . . the show is miraculously lighthearted in its skewering, parboiling, and devouring of the administration.


“Rollicking! Whimsical! Catchy and clever!
New York Times

“Interesting, challenging, and above all entertaining!
Curtain Up

“Smart and fun! A bright new Off–Broadway entertainment!
Wolf Entertainment Guide

“Wildly enjoyable, off–the–wall!
Talkin’ Broadway


“I was won over to the great fun of hearing Shakespeare’s sonnets sung, musical–theatre style, by four vibrato–laden voices. Rosenblum has a knack for it—the rhythms, the changes of texture, the harmonies. The program ends with ‘Toccata and Blues’ for trombone and piano. It is always a treat to hear a composer play his own music, and Rosenblum is a fine pianist.
American Record Guide

“Much of Rosenblum’s musical vocabulary comes from, or crosses over into, the popular vernacular, with catchy syncopations and lanky, swinging rhythms, but a sign should be posted saying ‘Watch Out: Keen Intelligence at Work’ . . . a well–played, nicely produced CD from Albany Records.
Opera News

“The pieces sound like they were a blast to write and perform.


“Exuberant and heartfelt.
American Record Guide

“Rosenblum probably sets a record for using the youngest librettist for his song–cycle, ‘A Whole Family Sitting in a Tree,’ his then–three–year–old son, Julian. The only other art–songs that even come close, in my experience, are the delightful ‘Deux lettres d’enfants’ by Jacques de Menasce, who set a couple of charming thank–you notes sent him by the children of fellow composer, Daniel Lesur. Rosenblum’s are worthy of such company. The song–cycle is winningly sung by young Julian’s mama and Joshua’s wife, Joanne Lessner. Music, words and performance are utterly charming. . . . A good time is had by all, including this reviewer..


“Three attractive and skillfully orchestrated songs by Joshua Rosenblum — especially the sweeping ‘Love or Disdain’ — are well suited to Buchi’s clean, crisp voice and earnest performing temperament.
Opera News

a play by Quincy Long
songs and incidental music by Joshua Rosenblum

“It’s a sweet quirky play that reflects a truly original sensibility. It’s also almost, but not quite, a musical; characters repeatedly burst into song in a score imbued with a country twanginess by the talented Joshua Rosenblum. (The musical intereludes are so good, in fact, that the play could support another number or two.)
New York Times

“There are some terrific songs by Joshua Rosenblum.
New York Post

“But it is the songs that ingeniously expand the 90–minute play, making what might otherwise be a quirky sketch on Saturday Night Live into a real stage original. Those songs, composed by Joshua Rosenblum in a country idiom, take a slight turn off course to tune in precisely with Mr. Long’s play.
New York Law Journal



“If you attended Bush Is Bad earlier year, you’ll see a substantially different show this time around — one just as witty and fun–filled. . . . Good that Rosenblum has ample talent to create new tunes, given that he’s probably going to have to keep on coming up with them until Jan. 20, 2009.
Peter Filichia, Theatermania

“What makes ‘Bush Is Bad’ superior to its compatriots in the world of political revues is the freshness and vitality of Rosenblum’s original songs. Most similar revues, such as ‘Capitol Steps’ and the recently reopened “Bush Wars,” put new lyrics on top of well–known melodies. That only happens once in this edition of ‘Bush Is Bad,’ where Rosenblum relyricizes Jerome Kern’s Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine” to poke fun at Condi Rice’s creepy gushing about her boss. Otherwise, the music is all his own, often featuring tasty three–part harmony from his trio of performers. It’s artfully made, plus very smart—Rosenblum doesn’t go for obvious jokes but rather gets his humor by emphasizing the absurdity of what goes on in the Bush administration.
Jonathan Warman, The New York Blade

“BUSH IS BAD is back. With a vengeance . . . a fast, moving, intelligent, laugh till it hurts look at that guy in office who shouldn’t be there. Mr. Rosenblum has conceived the show (most probably during a nightmare) and written the terrific lyrics and tuneful tunes. And above all, laughter reigns.
Oscar E. Moore, talkentertainment.com

“Rosenblum’s musical numbers are delightful and combine melody with lyrics reminiscent of those by Cole Porter.
Jesse Dean, Columbia Spectator

“Instead of offering his political opinions online, composer–lyricist Rosenblum serves up his anti–conservative, anti–Bush commentary in this highly sophisticated, yet totally accessible New York cabaret. . . . What Bush Is Bad does best is juggle almost all the aspects of Republican politics, from values to corruption, from war to stealing elections, in one show that gives us strength and reason to carry on the fight against one party rule. I can’t wait to see the next version of ‘Bush Is Bad—The Jeb Edition.
Larry Litt, NYtheatrewire.com